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Making Plunger Coffee


Tips for Making Great Plunger Coffee


If you don’t have an espresso machine another great way to drink freshly brewed coffee is to use a plunger.  With a plunger you can make a strong black coffee base for a latte or cappuccino, make a long black by adding boiled water or make a flat white by adding  milk.  Plunger coffee is an easy way to drink coffee as the strength is varied by you adjusting the amount of ground coffee and water that is added to the plunger.  You will need to experiment with the quantities until you get a strength that suits you. 



Don’t go without your favourite coffee when you go away on holiday.   Take the plunger you use at home or a non-breakable travel plunger along with some fresh coffee then all you need to find is hot water and milk.

Please follow these instructions as a guide:


  1. Ensure the plunger is clean and pre-heated with hot water (this will help your coffee stay warm).
  2. Heat water in a kettle, but do not bring it to boil.  Ideally you only want the water temperature to be heated between 88-94 degrees Celsius.  Do this by listening to the kettle and switch it off just before it boils.


If possible use filtered water as ‘hard’ water will change the taste of your coffee.


  1. While the kettle is being brought to the boil, empty the hot water (used for pre heating) out of the plunger and add a heaped dessertspoon (approx 8-10 grams) of "COARSE GROUND" coffee for each person and one for the pot.  This will ensure a strong enough coffee base similar to espresso but much smoother in taste.  



Plunger volume is based on espresso size cups i.e. a 3 cup plunger will make 3 base shots.  A 3 cup plunger will only make a long black drink for one person in a mug.


  1. Pour the nearly boiled water over the top of the coffee folding the coffee in with the flow.  Pour slowly and close to the pot to help form a crust at the top of the brew.  Allow the coffee to brew and caramalise in the hot water for approximately 4 minutes.
  2. After brewing time is complete, break the crust on top gently with the dessertspoon, insert the plunger and plunge slowly to the bottom. DO NOT STIR




If there is a strong resistance whilst plunging, the coffee being used may be ground too finely.  If possible, grind your beans just before making a plunger coffee to ensure the freshest brew.  This way you can vary the coarseness of grind to maximize results.

The correct grind for plunger coffee is "COARSE" #5 on a bulk coffee grinder


  1. If drinking a long black you may need to add boiled water to top up your cup.  Alternatively, use a milk frother to fluff up and heat your milk making a latte or cappuccino style coffee. 




Some people add a hint of nutmeg or pepper to spice up their plunger coffee.  Give it a try for something different.


  1. Your coffee is now ready to serve…..enjoy J.

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