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Grinding Coffee


Grinding Coffee to the correct particle size is very important to get the most out of your coffee. Here are some basic tips but you need to experiment with your equipment to get this right.  Things like humidity, temperature freshness of the beans or supermarket pre ground coffee make a big difference.

If you are into fresh homemade coffee there is one item you should consider buying, that is, a good quality grinder that can be adjusted accurately.  A good budget to start with would be around $200-$600.  This would ensure you get something that is right for the job.  A "Conical Burr" type is preferred as these grind at a slower speed and do not heat the beans as they grind.  We also sell a manual Conical Burr type here that is great for travel to gind fresh beans without power, like when you go camping etc.

These are the basic grinds on our bulk grinder:

#1 Very Fine - Turkish or Greek Coffee -used with an Ibrik or Briki (copper pot)

#2 Fine - Espresso Machine

#3 Medium - Drip Filter/ Espresso Machine with dual floor filter basket

#4 Medium/Coarse - Stovetop Espresso, Percolator

#5 Coarse - Plunger, French Press, Travel Plunger Mug etc


There are varying degrees of grind within this range and really you need to experiment with your machine or plunger to see what works for you.  These grinds are a good starting point.  My tip is not to buy pre ground from a supermarket especially if it says " suitable for plunger/espresso machine.  This is a hit and miss method.