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The Coffee

The Roaster & the Beans

Wagtail Coffee is roasted weekly by a Master Roaster in Brisbane with 28+ years experience. 

Winner of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards over 5 years at the "Golden Bean" Roaster Awards in NSW, proving excellence in roasting and blending to perfection. This is possibly the richest, smoothest coffee you have ever tasted. p1000314.jpg


He buys the highest quality grade coffee beans from Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Bazil and Columbia & other from renowned coffee growing nations around the world.  

The best beans in the world are grown close to the equator and at higher altitudes. 

Our Master Roaster is ‘The Choice of Coffee Connoisseurs’.  He roasts the varieties of green beans separately in very small batches due to differences in texture and moisture content.  Roasting of Wagtail Coffee beans is done at a slower rate and smaller batches than other larger coffee companies.  The desired results fully develop the flavour, aroma and preserve the oil content of the beans.

The Blends

Some of our beans are from a single origin and others are blends from several origins (countries/plantations).  Wagtail Coffee has developed some exciting blends to cater for all coffee lovers tastes.  There are mild roasted beans for the gentle pallet, medium blends for fuller taste and stronger blends like Italian Style and Organic Cappuccino Supreme for a real flavour kick.  We have a coffee to suit your taste buds.

Our organic beans are one of our "speciality blends", we serve "Organic Cappuccino Supreme" over the counter at the Cafe and also from our coffee cart service at markets, events and festivals. 

Sourcing, roasting, blending and good coffee making is the edge Wagtail Coffee has over its competition.  Give our coffee a try and decide for yourself.