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Making Coffee

Being as popular as it is, people drink coffee all over the world and brew it in many different ways.  The most common methods of making a coffee drink are divided into two main categories, filtered or pressed. The filtered methods include plunger, drip filter and percolator, while the pressed methods espresso machine and stovetop espresso.


To achieve the freshest coffee drink at home, invest in a grinder (electric or manual) so that you can grind the coffee beans just before making your drink.  Oxygen ages coffee beans, so if you are storing ground coffee, you will accelerate the aging and eventually lose freshness and flavour.  Use a coarse grind for plunger coffee, a medium grind for filter and drip coffee and a fine grind for espresso coffee.

Try something different by adding spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or pepper in very small amounts to your plunger coffee.

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