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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 10th Dec 2008 @ 5:25 PM

Q. Where can I find information about making great coffee at home?

Create an account with us (it's free) How? Go to the Gold bar at the top of this webpage and click on "sign in or create and account".  Now fill in your details and choose a password.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your password and account details. Now when you log in, you will see an additional menu at the top of the screen titled "About Making Coffee".  Go to this page to learn some of the secrets to making the perfect espresso drinks.

Q. What methods of payments do you accept?
Purchases on the site can be made by using the following methods:
Credit Card (Via PayPal link to secure site)

Note: you do not need a PayPal account to use this feature, your credit card is processed by a 3rd party site (PayPal) and the payment is realeased into my account.  Most orders using Paypal method of payment are sent on the same day as the order is placed.  Clearance is performed almost instantly.  Much quicker than a "Bank Deposit".

Wagtail Coffee does not collect any credit card details so this is  the safest method for you to purchase online.

Bank Deposit
This method provides you with our bank account details so you can log in to your online bank and do a direct debit from your account into ours.  The clearance time depends on which bank you use.  We use the Commonwealth Bank of Australia so this would be the quickest transfer

Pay In Store (only use this method if you want to pick the item up from Bulcock St Market on a Sunday morning between 8am-1pm)                   
Cash on delivery
Bank Cheque
Just select the options at the checkout and the information will appear on how to complete your transaction

Q. Do you have a shop front where we can get the products from?

Yes we are at 1/1467 David Low Way Yaroomba and we are open every day from 6am until 1 pm. We also have a "market front", Wagtail Coffee is a small boutique coffee business, and as such, our Sunday store is at the Caloundra Market in Bulcock St on a Sunday morning 8am-1pm. 

Use the payment method of  "Pay in Store" if you plan to pick your order up on a Sunday morning from the Caloundra markets

Q. If I dont want to buy from the website what other means do you have?

Buy from the Cafe in Yaroomba on the Sunshine Coast in QLD or by sending an e-mail to Ian on ian@wagtailcoffee.com.au